What Sets Us Apart

Gentle Dental Care for Years of Healthy, Happy Smiles!

At Pediatric Dentistry Associates, we provide the friendliest, most positive experience for our young patients and their families.

It starts when we answer the phone: our caring and helpful staff creates a quality first impression, and that warmth and professionalism is reinforced with every interaction.

Our board certified pediatric dentists, Dr. Amy O’Callaghan, Dr. Mike Pawlowski and Dr. Nadia Gabriel, have advanced, specialized training and education. Their wealth of experience allows them to provide high-quality, personalized dental care for infants through teens, and those with special needs.

Dr. Amy, Dr. Mike and Dr. Nadia are equally patient, friendly, and kind, considering each young patient a friend. It’s not unusual to find the doctors crouched on the floor and chatting with a child about their favorite toy, trading jokes, or asking about the little one’s latest adventure.

This love and appreciation for our patients is shared by our team. Beyond their training and experience, each staff member is friendly, caring, and fun. We all love spending our time with children, appreciating the energy and excitement each brings to the office and to our days!

Personalized, Fun Dental Care for Growing Smiles!

Our focus is always on the experience of the child: we want our patients to feel secure with us and at ease in the dental environment.

By valuing each child as the remarkable individual they are, being responsive to their unique needs, and designing visits to provide the best outcomes, we establish trust.

That trust is a core component of what we do: when a child knows they are cared about, when they know they are the most important person in the room, they relax and are willing to work with us.

Nothing makes us happier than connecting with an anxious little one and making their procedure go smoothly. The pride on patient’s face at the end of a visit - and being rewarded by spontaneous smiles and hugs – makes our day!

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We understand that choosing a dental home – the doctors and team who will be your partners – for your family is an important decision.

Dr. Amy, Dr. Mike, Dr. Nadia, and the Pediatric Dentistry Associates team welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and talk about the caring, fun children’s dentistry we provide. Please contact one of our two convenient locations, in Madison and New Haven, CT, to schedule a first appointment.

We all look forward to welcoming your young family members, and you, to our smile care family. It will be an honor to help your little ones grow up with bright, healthy, wonderful smiles – and a passion for maintaining them, for life! Please, schedule an appointment, today!

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