If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I have been bringing my two kids here for over 10 years. They are such a pleasure to deal with at the Madison office. Both kids look forward to seeing Suzanne at the front desk. I would highly recommend the Madison practice for anyone seeking a pediatric dentist.” - Justin

“Awesome! My daughter was nervous about going in, but they made it super easy and fun for her. The appointment didn’t even phase her. A rare find to be so patient and understanding with kids. We are definitely returning. No doubt!!” - Shannon

“Take your children here, they are kid-centered and very friendly.  I never have a hard time scheduling appointments. I feel valued and that my children are getting the best care they can. I highly recommend Dr. Colin and his wonderful staff.”  - Carolyn

“We are new to the area, our pediatrician recommended Madison Pediatric Dentistry, I couldn’t be happier with the recommendation.  From my initial phone call to the waiting area, the office was clean/bright and inviting throughout, the staff as friendly and helpful as could be. The only problem is that they wouldn’t keep my kids. (They were better with my kids than I am) all jokes aside, everyone was super friendly and very professional, they were thorough, efficient, and engaging with me and the kids. Thank you Madison Pediatric Dentistry Associates.” - Daniel

“If you are looking for a dentist for your child, do yourself a huge favor and come to this pediatric dentist on state street in Newhaven. Emma is not the easiest patient...she wiggles...squirms...moves and tries to take things back out of her mouth, she's also a screamer.. 

The AMAZING dental assistant carefully explained each thing they were going to use during her sealant procedure one at a time so she knew exactly what was going to happen before they even started...they had silly names for each thing like "tooth pillow" for the clamp that holds your mouth open and "sparkly shampoo" for the cleaner they use before the sealant. Emma loved that. It made each thing less scary. She even let Emma try the "sucker" before the started so she could see just what was coming and took any remaining fear out of the equation....she was fun and funny and just PERFECT for what she does with children.
They spoke directly to Emma and didn't bypass her and talk to me just because she's five - she's the patient and she deserves to know what's going on in her mouth and you can tell this is something they take to heart. Dr. Mike was amazing...he was fun and lighthearted through the whole procedure which maybe took all of 10 mins even though Emma never stopped moving and also needed a break. He joyfully told Emma just what he was about to do and what was coming next...somehow he kept Emma calm enough throughout, and kept her mind on the prize box that was coming at the end. 
Now Emma's grown-up teeth are shiny and protected and I'm smiling from ear to ear too because we have the BEST pediatric dentist!” - Leigh

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